• Gold powers the internet. It underpins our economy. It is the bedrock of a portfolio. It is the catalyst for future revolutions in science. It expresses love in many languages. And it carries memories across generations and cultures.
  • Gold already underpins the world’s major currency systems; today the G20 nations are debating an even greater role for gold in a new world financial architecture.
  • Learn more about the proposed role for gold in the international currency basket.
  • Gold has provided an important store of wealth to diverse investors, from individuals to institutions, for centuries.
  • Gold is the metal of love. It owns the moment when “I will” becomes “I do”. In jewellery form, it can quicken the heart-rate and grow in significance to become the most precious possession a woman will ever own.
  • From space exploration, to nanoparticle technology, to the bonding wire at the heart of an iPhone, gold’s extraordinary physical properties make it essential to a wide range of scientific applications.
  • From local training and employment opportunities to the creation of infrastructure, from the generation of governmental revenues to the development of whole communities, gold mining makes a tangible and transformational contribution to entire countries around the world.
  • Gold does much more than glitter.

Taken from Gold.org