Kishek International

From its modest inception in 1917 to a professionally managed and internationally renowned corporation, Kishek International, Inc. has always had a passion for crafting fine jewelry.

Wholesale Jewelry

Kishek International is a renowned wholesale Jeweler specializing in 18k, 21k and 24k jewelry in the USA and worldwide.

Beautiful, Rich Handmade Jewelry

Kishek International specializes in custom-made, hand-made Jewelry and its diamonds are GIA and EGL certified.

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Jewelry Collection - 21K Jewlery
21K Bangles
21K Bezels
21K Anklets
21K Baby Bracelets
21K Bracelets
21K Chains
21K Choker Sets
21K Coin Jewelry
21K Coin Necklaces
21K Crosses
21K CZ Jewelry
21K CZ Rings
21K CZ Sets
21K Earrings
21K Halfsets
21K Hand Bracelets
21K Handmade Bangles
21K Handmade Bracelets
21K Handmade Earrings
21K Handmade Jewelry
21K Handmade Rings
21K Handmade Sets
21K Necklaces
21K Pendants
21K Rings
21K Sets
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