Kishek International

From its modest inception in 1917 to a professionally managed and internationally renowned corporation, Kishek International, Inc. has always had a passion for crafting fine jewelry.

Wholesale Jewelry

Kishek International is a renowned wholesale Jeweler specializing in 18k, 21k and 24k jewelry in the USA and worldwide.

Beautiful, Rich Handmade Jewelry

Kishek International specializes in custom-made, hand-made Jewelry and its diamonds are GIA and EGL certified.

Contribution of Gold

Gold powers the internet. It underpins our economy. It is the bedrock of a portfolio. It is the catalyst for future revolutions in science. It expresses love in many languages. And it carries memories across generations and cultures.

Gold already underpins the world’s major currency systems; today the G20 nations are debating an even greater role for gold in a new world financial architecture.

Learn more about the proposed role for gold in the international currency basket.

Gold has provided an important store of wealth to diverse investors, from individuals to institutions, for centuries.

Gold is the metal of love. It owns the moment when “I will” becomes “I do”. In jewellery form, it can quicken the heart-rate and grow in significance to become the most precious possession a woman will ever own.

From space exploration, to nanoparticle technology, to the bonding wire at the heart of an iPhone, gold’s extraordinary physical properties make it essential to a wide range of scientific applications.

From local training and employment opportunities to the creation of infrastructure, from the generation of governmental revenues to the development of whole communities, gold mining makes a tangible and transformational contribution to entire countries around the world.

Gold does much more than glitter.

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