Kishek International

From its modest inception in 1917 to a professionally managed and internationally renowned corporation, Kishek International, Inc. has always had a passion for crafting fine jewelry.

Wholesale Jewelry

Kishek International is a renowned wholesale Jeweler specializing in 18k, 21k and 24k jewelry in the USA and worldwide.

Beautiful, Rich Handmade Jewelry

Kishek International specializes in custom-made, hand-made Jewelry and its diamonds are GIA and EGL certified.

Story of Gold

The story of gold is as rich and complex as the metal itself.

Wars have been fought for it; love has been declared with it. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs portray gold as the brilliance of the sun; modern astronomers use mirrors coated with gold to capture images of the heavens.

By 325 BC the Greeks had mined for gold from Gibraltar to Asia Minor. In 1848 AD John Marshall found flakes of gold whilst building a sawmill near Sacramento and so triggered the gold rush in California.

Held securely in national vaults as a reserve asset, gold has an irrefutable logic; released from the tombs of pharaohs and emperors alike, gold has an undeniable magic.

In Heritage we describe just some of the key moments from gold’s history. Further sections take time to discuss important fundamental issues such as the relationship of demand and supply, gold’s price history; the golden constant and gold’s contribution to society.

Numbers and facts draws together some of the more extraordinary statistics which gold has accumulated across the centuries and around the world.

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